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Microsoft Project training at your own premises in Sheffield

Learning how to use MS Project correctly can vastly cut down on the time you spend scheduling projects. When used correctly, the software can assist you in tasking your resources, work out your costs and even show you the effects of delays on your project.

Critical Path Analysis

If the critical path is an important aspect of your plan, Microsoft Project can show you which tasks are affected and the impact that they will have on others. Through use of the ‘Tracking Gantt’ view, we can control all aspects of the critical patch and also display a ‘baseline’ against which we can mark the progress of the project.

Learning How to Use Microsoft Project Effectively

If you have already attempted to teach yourself how to use Microsoft Project, you have probably discovered that it isn’t the most straight forward of applications! There are many aspects to the program and learning to use them all effectively requires expert guidance. Our 1 day Microsoft Project training courses have been specifically designed to get project managers up and running with the software in the shortest possible time, whilst providing all the skills required to schedule the majority of plans. It is fair to say that this is a somewhat ‘intensive’ day’s training, but you will be confident in the knowledge that you know how to use MS Project exactly as it was intended.

Microsoft Project Training Course Pricing

We can teach you the correct way to work with MS Project from as little as £55 per person, based on 10 people attending an in-house course at your own offices. For a full breakdown of our 1 day course fees, please visit the Onsite Training  page.

Arranging Microsoft Project Training at your Offices in Sheffield

To discuss your training needs, you can call free on 0800 2922842. Alternatively you can email us using our Contact page. We will take care of all the arrangements ensuring that arranging a closed course at your Sheffield offices is quick and easy.

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